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PPC is an independent packaging consulting business. Not a sales organization or affiliated with a packaging supplier, PPC can provide the optimal solution to your packaging needs.


PPC offers its clients a very flexible source of packaging expertise that is more economical than hiring full-time staff.


Whether your needs are temporary or are more extensive, PPC can fill the requirement.


With a primary focus on consumer products, PPC combines strong technical skills with significant hands-on development experience to supply practical, actionable packaging solutions.

PPC provides services to companies in the following industries:

  • Retail Food

  • Quick Service Restaurant

  • Foodservice

  • Health and Beauty Aids

  • Durable Consumer Goods

  • Medical Device

Services Provided

  • New package development - Using systems approach, research, identify, develop and test optimal new packaging

  • Cost savings – Cost reduction through source reduction, material selection and design efficiency

  • Sustainable solutions – New and/or updated packaging will be developed with a priority on improving its sustainability

  • Project management from concept to store shelf - Integration with all relevant functional groups, which includes timeline development and maintenance

  • Package concept generation - Creation and development of prototypes

  • Packaging equipment selection, installation and start-up.

  • Feasibility studies - Determine practical fit with resources and perform cost analyses

  • Competitive analysis - Comprehensive examination of competitor packaging and industry surveys

  • Sourcing of packaging and co-packers - Extensive industry knowledge and contacts

  • Shelf-life improvement - Barrier packaging selection tailored to product and targeted shelf life

  • Materials selection - Thorough knowledge of packaging materials to optimize cost/performance of packaging system

  • Regulatory compliance - Ensure packaging meets FDA regulations

  • Distribution damage assessment and solutions - On-site inspection, study of the distribution system and improved packaging designs

  • Shipping efficiency improvement - Analysis of cube, pallet patterns and stack heigh

  • Promotional packaging - Display shippers, end of aisle displays, specialty graphics

  • Packaging line troubleshooting - Packaging design that integrates production line requirements to maximize production efficiencies

  • Writing and organization of packaging specifications

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