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Success Stories

Featured Success Story
Simply Good Foods Packaging Revamp

Performance Packaging Consulting transformed the shelf and floor presence across multiple big box retail stores for

a healthy snack food company.

Dosimeter Pouch Improvement -
GEX Corporation

Performance Packaging Consulting improved Dosimeter read performance for a medial client with this packaging solution.


Protective Shipping Packaging for Air Compressors - California Air Tools

PPC reduced a client's labor costs and product shipping damage with this protective packaging improvement.

Buffer Solution Containers - Biorad

PPC designed, tested and commercialized buffer solution containers for a hemoglobin A1c blood analyzer for a medical device client. 


Unique Packaging Development for Yoplait


Complete development of new yogurt package, integrated with new FFS equipment and support start-up on an accelerated production ramp-up schedule.


Work Performed:

  • Finished the development and implemented unique "stick pack" packaging for a new yogurt product called "Go-Gurt”

  • Was a member of a team that worked in partnership with the equipment supplier to design, build and troubleshoot new concept form/fill/seal machines to efficiently package the product

  • Gathered equipment performance and package quality data

  • Analyzed data and made recommendations for improvements that were incorporated into packaging and equipment


Dosimeter read performance at higher exposure levels was greatly improved due to the revised outer pouch packaging.


Cost Savings for QSR Foods - Taco Bell


QSR's packaging department did not have adequate resources to complete demanding marketing calendar projects and various cost savings projects.


Work Performed:

Developed and implemented numerous food packages that included: box and carryout bag, wraps, rigid food containers, promotional packaging, plastic "cruiser" drink cups, pouch material cost reduction and conversion from #10 can to pouch.


One of these package types, a family of rigid food containers, provided a cost savings of $2,000,000 while at the same time greatly increased package function, aesthetics and consumer appeal.


Packaging Development for Herbalife


Health and personal care company lacked resources to develop packaging for an upcoming launch of a new line of products.

Work Performed:

Developed packaging for a new line of personal care products that included shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, styling foam and body wash. This included the retail packaging and sampler packaging for each product.


Successful on-time product launch. Packaging could be run at high efficiencies by co-packer. New product line was well received by distributors.


MAP Bag for Gilroy Foods


Due to regulation changes, a food ingredient company needed to find a new way to ship chili pepper to European customers while still maintaining product quality.


Work Performed:

Developed a large (50-lb.) MAP bag for ground chili pepper and defined the filling/gassing process.


The new package was successfully filled and shipped. The new package was then used for all European shipments. It made it possible for the company to keep those customers that otherwise would have been lost. Testing had shown that the MAP packaging maintained product quality at the required levels and met the shelf-life requirements.


Product Packaging for Kwikset


A large consumer products company needed packaging developed, sourced and implemented for a complete new line of upscale residential door fixtures. The packaging needed to communicate the image of high quality while still being cost effective and acceptable for store handling at Home Depot.

Work Performed:

Developed packaging for 14 different products. Primary, secondary and tertiary packaging was designed for each. Designs were verified through drop and vibration testing.


The new packaging was used in the on-time launch of the new product line. The products were well received by Home Depot.


Materials Consulting for Nu Skin


A nutritional supplement company had quality problems with their highest volume product. Pills of the supplement, sourced in Asia, were degrading during shipment.


Work Performed:

Performed an analysis of the supplement’s distribution environment. Researched various pouch film barrier materials, film structures, their costs, and potential suppliers.


Recommended new pouch film specification for the product and potential sources. Tests with the new film proved the elimination of supplement degradation. The company shifted all of these supplements to this type of film.

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